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After the Tram crash chapter 9.

After the Tram crash chapter 9.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Rating 18.

A Fumble in the Dark

I decided to make this explicit. If you're offended by explicit sex scenes you have a simple solution - don't read it!!

It is about 9 o'clock on Sophie's first day living with the MacCready's. She and Sian had decided on an early night as tomorrow was Sophie's first day back at school and they knew they would not be going to sleep immediately.

Sophie had had the first shower and changed into her PJ's. Sian was just coming out of the shower in hers.

Sophie was already in bed on the right hand side.

Sian climbed in on the left. They turned out the bedside lights.

Sian was feeling nervous. A slight feeling of weakness in her body, butterflies fluttered in her stomach. Actually nervous didn't cut it. She was downright scared!

You see she and Sophie had decided to forget the vows of celibacy.

They'd talked about it, awkwardly, not only about whether they'd do it but what they'd do. The only idea they had here was some form of mutual masturbation. Sex education class had concentrated on what boys did with girls not what girls did with each other and neither of them felt they knew Tanya or Emma well enough to ask!!

She decided to vocalise her feelings. But how to describe the awful pictures in her head? She had no idea what to do. She'd masturbated of course, everyone did that. But girls weren't expected to lead in sex. She hadn't lead with Ryan, she hadn't done any work at all, he'd even had to put the condom on himself. He'd described her a frigid. She was about to find out whether that was true.

She decided to make a move. She rolled onto her side facing Sophie and felt with her hands for her girlfriend. Her hand landed on something soft. But something was hardening under her palm. She jumped back realising it was Sophie's left breast she was feeling through the material of Sophie's PJs.

“Why'd you do that for?” asked Sophie.

“Sorry – I was trying to draw you in for a kiss I missed the target.” said Sian.


Sian felt horrible. Through her PJ bottoms she felt a hand on her bum and a sharp pain. Sophie had smacked her quite hard. The pain felt, well she wasn't quite sure really, but she liked the sensation in the rest of her body.

“Oh you liked that did you?” Sian was more confident now, “Pervert!”

She slid her hand under Sophie's PJ jacket and grabbed her breast deliberately this time. She pumped it a bit. Then she started undoing the buttons on Sophie's PJs with her other hand. Sophie let out a moan.

Neither of them had any idea what they were doing.

Sophie reached across and undid Sian's PJ top. She gasped as she got her first sight of Sian's breasts in all their glory in the half-light. Standing up pertly, nipples hard.

“I want to grab those” she said.

“Do it” Sian's voice had got a strange quality to it.

Sophie did what she was told.

The rolled around for a bit like this, hands slipping and re-finding their targets. Then Sian was on top of Sophie for what seemed like the tenth time. This time she lent down and kissed Sophie on the lips, quite hard. Sophie's hands slipped off Sian's breasts and round her back then lower. Pushing down Sian's PJ bottoms and grabbing her buttocks and pulling her crotch down kneading Sian's bum as she did so.

Sian's right hand started moving down Sophie's body, Sian didn't know where it was going. It was as if it no longer hers to command.

Moans were pouring from Sophie's lips now one after the other.

Sophie felt Sian's hand and she did know where it is going. She was getting hot and wet. Her own hands went down in an attempt to push her PJ bottoms down to grant Sian the access she desperately wanted Sian to have.

Sian didn't need help with access though. Her hand slipped under Sophie's PJ bottoms and between her legs. The sensations coursing through Sophie's body were not one's she'd imagined possible. If she'd tried to analyse them – something she was incapable of doing as the rational part of her brain had gone to sleep – she'd have said fear, pleasure, and something else, something very raw and very urgent, so this was what? Lust?

“More. Faster. Rougher.” Sophie yelled without knowing where the words came from, especially the last one.

Sian did as she was told. Forced her way in roughly with three fingers. Contractions immediately crushed them as Sophie's back arched and her head flew back into the pillows. Sophie let out a huge moan. What was that? Sian felt a wetness on her palm, the liquid had hit it with force. Had Sophie just pee'd on her? One thing was clear Sophie had no control over her body at the moment. It was writhing and the writhing seemed to go on and on. Sian soon forgot about her palm as more contractions forced her fingers out and then allowed them in again.

No manual or instructions needed then!!

Sophie had lost her breath and was fighting to regain it. Finally “SIAN” exploded from her lips.

Sian rolled off her.

In the bedroom below Tanya and Emma having got the children to bed were getting ready for bed themselves. Emma turned to Tanya.

“Do you remember where the guarantees on the soundproofing are? We are going to need them.”

“No point, nothing could stop that decibel level.” said Tanya. Both women smiled.

Back upstairs Sophie panted for a bit. Then said “My turn”.

She rolled on top of Sian who felt hands tearing at her flesh, hard kisses. This was going to be rough.

Sian stiffened.

“Sophie?” she enquired.

A muffled “Yeah” was all Sophie could manage her mouth being engaged elsewhere.

“Be gentle with me, please.” She'd asked Ryan this but he had no idea how to be gentle.


But Sophie got gentler and started kissing Sian lightly and tenderly on the point of her chin and then down the front of her neck sensuous kisses that had such an effect on Sian.

Sian's hands were now on Sophie's head,, her own head only stopped from flying backwards by the pillows. This forced her back to arch. Sophie's right hand was travelling down Sian's body, Sian pushed Sophie head urging it to go where the hand was headed. Sophie got the message and started going down Sian's body licking and kissing as she did. She got to Sian's stomach.

Sian felt Sophie's teeth bite and then the tip of her tongue tenderly lick the bite. If you'd asked her before the experience what she felt about something like this happening she'd have been revolted by the thought. Now it seemed like a loving act but crop tops would be out for a few days and she'd be wearing T shirts under her blouses to be safe.

Sophie's tongue got to Sian's hairline. Progress stopped Sophie's eyes looked up checking the effect she was having. She now pulled Sian's PJ bottoms off. Sian's legs spread out,

Her head now positioned above the most sensitive and sensuous part of Sian's body her tongue licked into the folds and found Sian's clit. As she licked she felt it going harder. Sian juddered beneath Sophie's head, as her tongue start to do some more exploring slightly lower down. Then she slid a finger in but kept going with her tongue.

“MORE, F-FASTER.” escaped Sian's lips, she had got hungry now.

Sophie disengaged her head and worked with her hand. Slipping two fingers in and then a third.

Sian would later tell Sophie that what happened inside her body next had the force of a chemical explosion in the school lab. The very thing that had attracted Sophie to chemistry, explosions, now attracted her even more to Sian if that were possible.

Sudden, violent contractions were what Sophie experienced, fingers being crushed, and a desire for them to be crushed.

Sian's breath was getting short as rapid fire moans escaped her lips.

And then it felt like it was over. But it wasn't. A second wave coming. It built slowly at first and then accelerated engulfing her whole body. More contractions and this time as she came down she felt pulses from somewhere near where she pee'd. Had she imagined them? Probably but everything was new so how could she know what she'd imagined.

Sophie slid back up her and came in for a cuddle.

“You've made my hand messy. Nicely messy, but messy.” teased Sophie.

“You did the same to mine. I think you might have lost control of your bladder, but I don't mind. That was every bit what I'd hoped and more.” said Sian

“Me to” said Sophie.

“And you don't think I'm frigid? Ryan did and probably still does!” Sian was half teasing again but also wanted final reassurance.

“Looks like you really are a full blooded lesbian then!!” said Sophie “Nothing frigid about you.”

They cuddled closer.

They fell asleep like that and next morning woke fresh as daisies that badly needed a shower.

To be continued in a few days, I have some serious writing to do...


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Sep. 9th, 2010 07:09 pm (UTC)
wow very nice sexy time i loved it cant wait for the next part xx <333
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