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After the Tram crash chapter 10

After the Tram crash chapter 10.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Rating 14.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Serious writing now over (all 9973 words and a few hundred equations of it!) so updates should become more regular again now.

School day

The next morning Sophie and Sian awoke for school. They looked at each other and smiled. Took turns in the shower and got dressed. They were both in the sixth form, Sophie having taken her GCSEs a year early and ace-ing them. Although they hadn't needed to wear school uniforms since September they still had them but this morning for the first time they chose not to wear them.

When they made their way downstairs the found Emma and Tanya in the kitchen.

“Muesli, right girls?” said Emma, both girls nodded with mouthed please.

Would you like some orange juice as well as a brew?” Emma asked.

“Please” said Sian

“Yes please” confirmed Sophie.

They ate breakfast. About half through Rosie surfaced.

“Well you two got it on last night, I must say!” Rosie had never been noted for her tact.

Both girls could feel the blush rising. Tanya and Emma glared at Rosie.

“Sorry but we thought the floor was sound proof.” Sophie finally managed.

“Don't worry about it, we're glad you felt relaxed enough for it.” Emma was trying to put them at ease.

“We''ll try to be quieter in future.” Sian at last found her voice.

“Really you're not to worry. It was fine, I'm really glad you've relaxed so much here.” said Tanya.

Rosie looked embarrassed. “Sorry.” she managed.

"Oh where are those two!" said Tanya leaving in the direction of the stairs.

Tanya returned with Julie and Sonia. They sat down at the table and chatted before starting their breakfast.

They all finished their breakfast in silence.

After the washing up was loaded into the dishwasher the subject of who would take who to school was broached.

“I'll take Sophie and Sian. I'll drop Rosie too.” said Tanya.

“OK you take the Disco then.” said Emma.

“I'll make the appointment with the Head too. I've got your sched on my phone so will be able to see what is convenient to both of us” said Tanya.

“How easy is parking near Weatherfield High?” asked Tanya.

“It's OK” replied Sophie.

“Ready?” asked Tanya.

“Yeah, let's go.” said Sophie.

Rosie and Sian nodded.

Leaving Emma, Julie and Sonia to finish their breakfasts, they walked outside, got into the car and drove to Coronation Street where they dropped Rosie off.

They then continued to Weatherfield High.

When Tanya had parked the car she walked with Sophie and Sian through the school gate.

When they got to reception Tanya said goodbye to the girls and turned to the receptionist.

“My name is Tanya MacCready, I am foster parent to Sophie Webster, I'd like to make an appointment for myself and my wife Emma to see the Head.” said Tanya.

The receptionists eyebrows went up slightly but she soon recovered.

“May I see some form of ID?” the receptionist asked.

Tanya handed over he University ID.

“OK Professor I'll ring his secretary.” responded the receptionist.

The receptionist picked up the phone and dialled the number. She spoke into the phone for a bit.

“If you go down that corridor and take the first right the Head's office is on the right.” said the receptionist.

“Thank you” said Tanya and she went to the office as directed.

The secretary looked up as Tanya walked in.

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

“I'm Tanya MacCready, my wife Emma and I are fostering one of your pupils, Sophie Webster, and we'd like to make a appointment with the Head to discuss her progress, we'd like the head of science and the Chemistry teacher to be there too.” said Tanya.

“Unusual request. Let me get the diary up.” said the secretary. As she was doing so a man came out from the adjoining office.

“Oh and can I see some ID please?” said the secretary, Tanya handed over her University ID.

“This is Prof. MacCready, she and her wife are fostering Sophie Webster.” the secretary told the man.

“Oh yes, nice to meet you. Tragic case, both parents killed in that awful Tram crash.” said the man, he had been at the case conference, “Allan Connelly, head teacher.”

“Nice to meet you Mr Connelly.” said Tanya.

“What are you professor of?” he asked

“Theoretical Physics, urm while I have got you, would it be possible to take Sophie and possibly her friend Sian Powers out of school a week early at the end of the Summer term? I want to take them to Switzerland with me to see the CERN Super Hadron Colllider, I'll be working there.” asked Tanya.

“I'll have to consider it and we'll need Sian's parents to make the request for her but I think it might be possible. CERN, very high powered.” said Allan, turning to his secretary “just off on my morning rounds, Linda.” and he left.

“What kind of time were you thinking of Professor and how long.” asked Linda.

“Later this week, we are both free Thursday afternoon. I should think three quarters of an hour should cover it.” said Tanya.


“That's fine, we'll see you then” Tanya entered the appointment into her phone and texted it to Emma.

Meanwhile in Coronation Street, Rosie was talking to Sunita.

“What are Sophie's foster parents like? I gather they and the girls put on quite a show in the Rovers.”

“Yes they did! I was there! They seem very nice though. Huge house, I'm talking premier league here.” said Rosie.

Sunita smiled, it always amused her how Rosie thought of houses in terms of footballers who might own them.

“They are both Professors though.” Rosie continued.

“Oh, what of?”

“Tanya is professor of Theoretical Physics and Emma is Social Anthropology, whatever that is.”

“Was it the Anthropologist or the Physicist who drank Ciaran under the table?”

“The Anthropologist.”

“Oh!” What did she tell Audrey? She's walking round in a though she's still in shock!!"

"The reason why Emma was expelled from her posh school"

"Which was?"

"Having sex with a bishop's daughter at 13."

"You mean the three fingers were ... you know!" Sunita smiled at the thought of Audrey's reaction.

"Yes, I do know. Comes from having lived with an out lesbian for 4 months." Rosie emphasised the 'out' remembering that Sunita had worked out that Sophie and Sian were together months earlier.

Another customer entered the shop.

“That's £10.56 please Rosie.” Sunita signalled that they'd continue the conversation another time.

“There you are.” Rosie handed over the exact money and took her shopping.

“Thank you.”

“Thanks, bye”.


Rosie left the shop and went off the house she now had to herself. She walked in and it felt empty.

She rang Jason, they'd had an on-off relationship since he'd helped her find Sophie and Sian in Sheffield and Rosie had finally reached a decision to commit, she hoped she wasn't too late.

“Hi Jason, what are you doing tonight?”

“Going out with Izzy.”

“Oh I see, that's OK I'll leave you to it then.”

Rosie made another decision. She'd try out the Gay Village tonight. After all if Sophie could be so happy with a girl why couldn't she?

Emma had been in her office for half an hour when the phone went. It was reception, they had a woman called Cheryl to see her.

She left her office and met Cheryl at reception.

To be continued.

Sorry that was a bit bland and short. Mind still on the development of geometry in the 19th century!!


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Sep. 15th, 2010 07:27 pm (UTC)
i loved it cant wait for the next part xx <333
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