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After the Tram crash chapter 13

After the Tram crash chapter 13.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Rating 14.

The Party

The coaches left Coronation Street at 2pm. Everyone was on board, including Vinnie and Janet, they were on separate coaches though.

As the coaches went through Denton, Janice said “Ehhrr Where are we going. There's nothing beyond 'ere.”

The coaches turned into the drive towards the gates. There were several sharp intakes of breath.

Vinnie was looking defeated. No-one on his coach knew why.

The lead coach stopped just outside the gates and the driver got out. By the time he returned the gates were already opening and Sophie and Sian, holding hands, were already standing in the drive to greet people.

Susan and Jen, and Emma and Tanya were walking out of the kitchen door to join Sophie and Sian.

The Emma saw Vinnie and froze.

”What the fuck is he doing here?” she exclaimed.

”That's Sian's dad. Why? Do you know him?” asked Susan.

Emma looked as if she was going to throw up. Tanya squeezed her hand.

”You know that story about the man who tried to rape Emma. He is the man.” Tanya whispered to Susan.

Susan's hand went up to her mouth. An “oh my” escaped her lips.

Susan quickly regained her composure however. “I think I now have grounds but I am going to need statements, sorry.”

Emma had also regained her composure. “Might be a small problem, I'll let you know in a few days.”

”If that is about you past as a 15 year old prostitute and drug dealer, don't worry I know about that, as does the rest of the department. It doesn't make a difference now.” said Susan flatly.

Emma looked at Susan in shock.

Once she had regained her composure she confirmed that she would give a statement.

”And I take it that Janet is her mother.” said Emma seeing a familiar face come through the gate.

”Yes we know a little about her but not enough.” said Susan.

”Well I can give you quite a bit but it is nearly 20 years old.” said Emma.

”That'll be enough to start us off.” Susan replied and continued “We can foster her to you.

”What we don't to do is anything that stops them getting a Civil Partnership. I know they are already keen.” Emma pointed out.

”We'll have to talk to them.” said Susan.

They all made their way to the drive.

”Hello Vinnie, remember me?” Emma whispered in Vinnie's ear.

”WHAAAT” Vinnie was in shock.

”We'll talk later.” said Emma.

Sian looked on and wandered what was going on, but wasn't going to ask in front of everyone, she'd wait until she had Emma alone. Then the realisation came with force. The scar on her dad's head, of course!

They then showed all the remaining people round to the back of the house and along a path to the back field where the large 13th century barn was.

”I see what you mean, it is enormous.” Jane to Rosie.

”This is nice!” Rita to Norris who was going to dine out on this for a decade.

”Glad you came now?” Sunita asked a stunned Dev.

”This is really something init.” Becky to Steve,

Liz just had her mouth open, it had been for 10 minutes.

Vinnie was speaking to Janet.

”We've got a problem.”

”Yeah, I think we give in on Sian, she'll go next year anyway. We try to keep the others.”

”WE?!? The others are yours and Dean's not mine. But I do want to avoid jail so... Also if they can afford this place they can afford more muscle than we can.”

”Yeah, I've heard they've got the cops in their pockets two. Two people, nice people, are on murder charges in London that these two are said to have had drummed up.”

Not true of course – the murder charges were genuine – but decidedly useful.

With that they parted.

What Vinnie and Janet didn't know was that DC Connor had overheard every word. The Police would now be crawling all over Vinnie and Janet. The assumption the Police make is that anyone who uses violence in one part of their life uses it in another.

Round the back the DJ started his work in the barn and some couples got onto the dance floor.

Rita was talking to Sunita outside over a drink at one of the tales.

”I am so glad Sophie has landed on her feet here.”: Sunita.

”Yes, you know Sally was uncomfortable with the relationship. Emma and Tanya won't be!!”

”Why was Sally uncomfortable with it? They seem to be made for each other.”

”Do you think so? Sally thought Sophie was making a hasty decision on the basis of a teenage fancy that was going to fizzle out.”

”Do you really think that sexuality something you decide??”

Elsewhere Chesney and Katy stood taking the whole thing in.

”Chesney, isn't this place amazing?”

”Oh yeah, but Sophie deserves something after everything she's been through. The false accusations. The strain of trying to keep her relationship secret. Facing down their own parents, and the name callers, then Sophie's parents' deaths, you know Sally never accepted their relationship really? Must be hard.” tears had come into Chesney's eyes while he was speaking.

”Yeah you're right.”

Emma sought out Sophie and Sian. “Could you please come with me to the Gym, we need to talk before Sian's father or mother talk to you.” said Emma.

They followed her to the Gym. When they were inside Emma locked the door. “I really don't want to be interrupted.” said Emma. Tanya was already there.

”You're beginning to scare me!!” Sophie said.

Sophie and Sian grasped hands.

”Sian I have some bad news for you about your father.” said Emma.

”He was the one who tried to rape you wasn't he?” queried Sian sadly.

”Yes but how did you guess?” Emma was surprised.

”He has a large scar above his hairline that fits the damage your did. He is a violent man. I think he has connections with nasty people. But the clincher is the way he always refers to anyone who doesn't do exactly what he wants as selfish.” Sian had got quite wound up whilst speaking.

“There is more I am afraid and it is not something I am proud of. When I was fifteen I dealt drugs for your father and did everything short of penetrative sex for men he sent to me.” Emma's voice got quieter as she spoke, as though the weight of what she was saying was exhausting her.

Emma continued “Then I met Tanya. She got me out of Vinnie's clutches. Made sure I did my school work and kept me alive.” While Emma was speaking Tanya had taken hold of her hand. Sophie and Sian had also linked hands for comfort.

It took a little time for what Emma had said to sink in fully.

”I never want to see him again.” screamed Sian. “Never!! Can I stay here permanently?”

”There is one thing we have to check. You'll want to marry Sophie if you stay together which I expect you will. We need to check that if we foster you we don't jeopardise that..” said Tanya.

”I don't see a problem but we do need to check.” Neither Sophie nor Sian had noticed Susan's presence until he spoke.

”But could I just stay here until then? Really I couldn't bear going home to him now.” Sian was in tears.

”Yes you can stay here tonight and I shall check first thing and rush the paperwork through tomorrow. If all goes well you'll be emergency fostered here by tomorrow night. The Police will escort you to collect your things from both your parents' homes.” Susan informed Sian.

”Let's go back to the party now.” said Tanya smoothly adding “Vinnie and Janet have been removed.”

Outside two people had been marched ever so discreetly off the premises and into a single car with a driver. Vinnie and Janet didn't know it yet but they were headed for separate central Manchester Police stations. The car was owned by the security guards Emma and Tanya had hired for the occasion. They came highly recommended.

DC Connor radioed in and left separately. He would welcome Janet to her destination with a caution.

D.Supt. Marsh would welcome Vinnie when he reached his destination.

To be continued


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Sep. 20th, 2010 03:00 am (UTC)
first time i've actually commented but i just wanna say i freakin love this fic..it's awesome
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Thank you!!
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this was amazing i cant wait for the next part i loved it xx <333
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