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After the Tram crash chapter 15

After the Tram crash chapter 15.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Sorry about the chapter numbering mix-up – I ended up with two chapter 13's! Given that I am a mathematician you'd think numbers would be the one thing I'd get right!!

Rating U.

Sian gets New Parents and the Residents are Back on Coronation Street

Susan did her checks and all was OK. So she did the paperwork and phoned Emma.

”Hi Emma it's Susan.”

”Oh hi Susan – I've had our lawyers check and they can't see a problem.”

”Neither can ours so I've done the paperwork. I'm hitting the send button now just wanted to confirm it was OK with you.”

”Great, thanks for that, and thanks for coming yesterday – we're going to do another one in three months time.”

”I'll tell Jen, we both loved it by the way.”

” Yeah it went well once we'd got rid of what Sian called the 'undesirable elements'!”

”She called her own parents that? Mind you she's right! Reminds me I've got to arrange a Police escort for her to her dad's and her mum's. She'll probably find this difficult.”

”Might be an idea to let Sophie go with her if that's allowed.”

”Good idea if they want to do that, I'll ask for the LBGTLO to be there too as well as at least one out lesbian officer.”

”Thanks Susan. Bye now.”


At Weatherfield High Alan Conolly received a phone call from Susan.

”Hello Mr Connolly it's Susan MacGregor here from Children's Services.”

”Ah yes Ms MacGregor, what can I do for you?”

”It's about one of your pupils, Sian Powers, she's being emergency fostered.”

”Why what's the problem?”

”Turns out her father is a drug dealer. He's in custody but may be released on bail after a court appearance later today. He's been charged with attempted rape, and various drugs offences. Her mother can't take her as she's in custody too and will be charged as an accessory to the rape attempt and the drugs.”

”OK, what happens now, oh and can I have the address of the foster family?”

”It's the address you have for Sophie Webster. The Police will escort her to her father's home later today to pick up her things, I want Sophie to go with her. Perhaps you could arrange for them to be available for me to pick up at 3:30?”

Alan thought about objecting, then his CV flashed before his eyes and he thought better of it.

”Will do.”

After the call had finished he thought that he'd have had all sorts of trouble if these two had been fostered to the Professors when he tried to exclude them. Sally Webster had been difficult enough but these two would have had his job for it.

At lunch he sought out Sian and Sophie to tell them to come to his office at the end of school and he told them why.

At the end of school Susan met Sophie and Sian in the heads office.

”I'm going to drive you two to your Dad's house Sian, We'll pick up your stuff. There will be a Police presence. You're being fostered to Emma and Tanya for seven days. There will be a case conference on Thursday at which future arrangements will be decided. Do you understand what I have said?” Susan spoke in a level voice which belied her emotions at having beaten Jane on this.

”Yeah, can we get going.” Sian spoke with enthusiasm.

Sophie was smiling. The three of them got up to leave. Sophie and Sian held hands fingers interlocked.

By the time they left to get into Susan's car most of the school's pupils had dissipated. Tamsyn was hanging round to try to score some drugs in exchange for sex. She saw Sophie and Sian being lead to Susan's car and randomly assumed that Susan was a cop. She'd store it in her memory bank for later use. Right now she was more concerned that Susan's presence was limiting her chances.

Susan drove to Vinnie's house. Parked. The Police were already there – they had been giving the place the once over and had found loads of evidence.

Inside Sophie and Sian held hands again. Right in front of a handcuffed Vinnie who was angry, very angry.

”Oh its the Webster fr...” was all he managed to yell as he was marched into another room.

”Sorry about that, we should have had him in that room to begin with.” said the PS.

”Where's the LGBTLO? I want a word about what just happened.” Susan said flatly.

”I'm here.” said DC Connor.

”I will be making a formal complaint about what just happened.” said Susan.

”s..sWhat?? I'll be suspended until the enquiry is complete.” said the PS.

”Should have thought of that before you failed in your duty by having Vincent Powers in the house.” Susan said.

”Hang on a minute. We had to have him here to conduct the search.” DC Connor spoke up.

”But he should have been removed while Sian was in the house. He wasn't.” Susan was determined not to let the Police, in particular the PS whom she suspected of homophobia, off the hook. She added “Shall we do what we came for?”

They went up to Sian's room. Sian and Sophie packed her things and they left.

Susan drove them to what both girls were increasingly thinking of as home.

”Do you fancy a gym session when we get home, babe? Work of some of that stuff with your Dad.” Sophie asked Sian.

”Definitely!” replied Sian who seemed to be brighter the farther away she got from her Dad's house.

Once they had got home they unpacked Sian's stuff in the guest room.

Susan returned to work to prepare for the case conference later in the week. She knew she'd face objections from Jane among others but she was determined.

Sophie and Sian had a workout in the Gym for an hour before tea and homework. They then joined Emma and Tanya for another Gym session.

Tanya and Emma went up onto the stage and started their pole routines.

”Can''t wait till I can try that.” said Sian to Sophie.

”Me neither.” said Sophie.

”Well let's see.” Emma had interrupted her routine and came down off the stage. She continued “What are you leg pressing at the moment?”

”30 kilos ten reps.” said Sophie.

”25 k's ten reps.” said Sian.

“Well when you can do 40 we'll talk about it, You need really strong thighs to grip the pole.” said Emma.

”OK!” said both girls.

The residents were back in the Rover's on Monday evening.

Sean was talking to Julie.

”Well I must say young Sophie has landed on her feet.”

”You hardly had your mouth closed during the entire time.” said Julie

”True. What a lovely place it is. Beautiful.”

At the bar Steve, Becky and Liz were talking.

”Just got a phone call from that Emma to thank us for supplying the booze at short notice. Wants to know if we'd like to supply staff as well for a party in a months time, for the CERN lot apparently. Sounds like its a really high powered do.” said Steve.

”Yeah we could do that. Send Kylie and Sean.” said Becky.

”They're brighter than you, they have specifically banned Kylie!”. Steve replied.

Liz smirked. “And I bet they want more than two staff!”

”True, they want ten, circulating with trays of drinks and three staff behind a bar. They'll pay top whack though.” said Steve.

”Thirteen people!! Where are we going to get them from?” Liz was astounded.

”Well I thought you, me and Anna behind the bar. Michelle, Sean, Becky, Lloyd, Tina, Fiz, Rosie, Jane, Ciaran, and Hayley circulating with trays. With Betty and Graeme here.” suggested Steve.

”Hayley has never done anything like this neither has Fiz.” Liz was panicking. “And have you asked them yet?

“Not specifically no.” Steve was looking shifty.

”Well I think you had better, don't you?” Liz looked as though she'd kill Steve.

Steve left with an “I'll do it now.”

Steve was still trying to find Hayley, he'd found everyone else and they'd all agreed. He went into Roy's Rolls, Roy and Hayley were in the back room talking.

”Hayley how'd you like to earn a hundred quid for 4 hours work?” asked Steve.

”Doing what?”

”Emma and Tanya are throwing a party in two weeks for Tanya's colleagues at CERN. They want us to provide the booze and the staff to serve it. We haven't got enough staff to do the job so I am seeing if other people can help.” said Steve.

”Are Sophie and Sian going to be there?”


”Then I'll do it.”

This shouldn't have surprised Steve. As he'd asked the people on his list he found that most people were more interested in whether Sophie and Sian were going to be there than the money.

There were two exceptions to this, they were Rosie and Jane! They needed money desperately, whilst seeing Sophie and Sian would be good, they saw them often and money when you're skint is important.

Back in the Rovers Nick and Gail were talking about the party.

”That place is huge. Trust a Webster to land on her feet.” Gail never looked at the misfortunes of others, only jealously at their fortunes.

”I am sure that Sophie would rather have Kevin and Sally alive though.”

Rita was talking to Audrey.

”Wasn't yesterday fun, beautiful place!” said Rita.

”Well, Rita, you know what they say, breeding shows!”

”That wasn't what you were saying in the Salon last week when you did my hair, you were wandering why Social Services had allowed Sophie to mix with 'corrupting influences'!”

”Yes, well I wasn't, I didn't know them then ... “ Audrey got flustered.

Later in the evening Sian was going to bed. It had been collectively decided that until the fostering was permanent she'd sleep in her official bedroom.

Sophie went up with her to say good night properly.

They kissed outside the door to Sian's bedroom. Sian opened the door and Sophie watched her girlfriend as she shut the door, both felt sad that they weren't spending the night in the same bed, but both understood the reasons and agreed with them.

To be continued


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Sep. 25th, 2010 08:54 am (UTC)
i bet its going to be hard for them not to sleep together lol i loved this part cant wait for he next xx <333
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