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I thought it might be useful if I put the wording of the two BTP press statements regarding the suspicious death of a person at Kings Cross on 25th October 2010. A woman was charged with the murder today and has appeared in court. Tonight tragically she has been remanded to a male prison.

My purpose in putting this information out is that I want the trans community to be blaming the right people (ie the courts and prison service).

Press statement one.

A british transport police spokesman said emergency services were

called to kings cross underground station at just after 6.30pm this

evening, monday 25 october, following reports of a person under a

piccadilly line train.

Detectives from british transport police have since launched a murder

investigation following the death of a person, who is yet to be

identified. Officers remain at the scene and are working to recover

the body.

A 34 year old woman from cricklewood was arrested at the scene and has

been taken into custody for questioning.

Detective superintendent ashley croft, senior investigating officer

from btp, said:

"This happened at a busy time during the evening commute and I appeal

to anyone who saw what happened on the east-bound platform of the

piccadilly line to get in contact with us."

He added: "I would like to thank passengers for their patience and

understanding and all london underground staff who assisted the

emergency services in dealing with what happened in a professional and

dignified manner."

Anyone with information should contact btp on 0800 40 50 40.

Chris Dreyfus, Chief Inspector
Eastern Sector Commander, London Underground Area

British Transport Police

Press statement two.

Thursday 28th October 2010 – 13.48

British Transport Police can confirm that the person who died at King’s Cross underground station on Monday 25 October was known to family, friends and in the community as Sonia (and known to work colleagues as and with the legal identity of David Burgess) of Shaftesbury Ave, London. No formal identification has yet taken place.

A 34-year-old woman, Nina Kanagasingham, of Chidele Rd, Cricklewood has been charged with murder.

Sonia, a solicitor, had two identities; Sonia and David that were both well known to family, friends and colleagues. He leaves behind two daughters and a son, all adults.

Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Superintendent Ashley Croft, said: “We would like to express our condolences to Sonia’s (David’s) family following this tragedy. Family Liaison officers are working closely with his family, providing them support and assistance during this difficult time.”

Sonia’s (David’s) family members have released the below statement:

“Sonia (David) was a loving and wonderful person and will be missed deeply. The family would appreciate being given space to come to terms with their loss”

After the Tram crash chapter 17.

After the Tram crash chapter 17.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Author's note: I am sorry about the Elephantine gestation period of this chapter. I had exams last week for my MSc. In addition I found this chapter quite difficult to write. Like Tanya I am an atheist and have been since childhood. Consequently I really have found it quite difficult to get into the mind of a believer, it is an alien world to me, perhaps those of you who are believers could tell me why you believe in comments and I could incorporate those reasons into a future discussion.

Rating U.

Summary: Sophie and Sian have been fostered to a lesbian couple called Emma and Tanya following the death of Sophie's parents and granddad in the tram crash and the arrest of Sian's parents.

The Girls have a chat with Tanya

After tea they went with Tanya into her study.

”Tanya, could we chat about why you don't believe in God please?” asked Sophie.

”Yeah I'd like to talk to you about that too.” added Sian.

”OK we could do that. But for me it is for those who assert the existence of something to justify their assertion. So perhaps the way to start is for you two to tell me why you believe in God.” Tanya had tried to be gentle, something she didn't find easy with this subject.

”Well I suppose I think that the Universe must have been created somehow.” Sophie was trying to collect her thoughts. She'd never been challenged like this before. It was difficult.

”And you think God must have created it?” Tanya asked, Sophie nodded before Tanya continued “but that does rather beg the question 'who created God?' doesn't it?”

This floored both Sophie and Sian. They were going to find this more difficult than they had imagined. Sian's mother had taken her to church and she'd never questioned it. So this questioning was more disconcerting than she'd imagined any question could be. She'd thought it would be simple really. The Universe had to have a creator, an intelligence. No not quite, if she was honest, as some of the things she'd learned in biology challenged the idea that life needed a creator in the form of a God.

She'd done some research on the internet and found the late Dr Athur Peackocke's book of selected essays entitled “Evolution: Disguised Friend of Faith?” she'd read an extract on Google Books but hadn't really understood it. The arguments seemed convoluted in the extreme.

”Why does God need a creator, He's supernatural” even as Sophie said this it felt like a cop out.

”Umm not sure how to respond to that gently to be honest.” Tanya did not want to humiliate but that 'supernatural' argument invited humiliation.

”Yeah it sounded like a cop out to me too.” Sophie agreed.

”Well why don't you think about what we've said and maybe talk to other people about it. Also there is one personal story you might want to listen to. Julia Sweeney is an American comedian who was brought up Roman Catholic. She has been a devout Catholic for much of her life. However she lost her religion and is now an atheist. She wrote a comedy monologue about it, I thoroughly recommend it.1

”I think I am going to have to do some thinking. Thanks Tanya!” said Sophie

”Me too, thanks!” said Sian.

Sophie and Sian walked up the stairs to their rooms. They sat down at the desktop computer and looked on the home server for Julia Sweeney's monologue. They listened to it and laughed a lot, but afterwards they were sad because they saw how challenging keeping hold of their faith would be.

”I think we need to talk to Emma.” said Sian, adding “She is a believer still and must have talked to Tanya about it.”

”Yeah and I think we should also do some more research ourselves. But it''s late, let's go to bed now.” said Sophie.

To be continued

1 Letting Go of God – available via iTunes and thoroughly worth the money!!

After the Tram crash chapter 16 - case conference

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Rating U.

Sian's New Parents are confirmed.

”Sian Powers Case file 72415H. Tom, thank you for stepping in to this case, and we'll certainly understand if you are not fully up speed. For those from other agencies, following the discovery of certain information, which is being assessed, Jane has been suspended. Tom took over this case with no handover from Jane this morning. Tom would you like to kick off or would you prefer Susan to do so?” The Chair had had a difficult 48 hours.

”It's OK, I will lead. The case seems straightforward enough.” said Tom

”Glad you think so.” said the Chair.

”Sian's father has been charged with one count of attempted rape, three counts of rape, including one count of the rape of Sian's mother, and multiple offences against the Misuse of Drugs Act.

”Sian's mother has be charged as an accessory to the attempted rape, and two of the rapes. She has also been charged with multiple offences under the Misuse of Drugs Act. She is also being charged as an accessory to her current partner, Yousuf Khan, with offences under the Gaming Act.

”Since the arrests of both parents she has been fostered on an emergency basis to a lesbian couple who are also fostering her girlfriend, Sophie Webster. I see no objection to making that arrangement permanent, especially as no other lesbian couple is available to foster Sian, and in my opinion and that of others, fostering to a lesbian couple would benefit Sian as she is in a lesbian relationship. She is over the age of consent and thus the fact the her partner of over a year is living under the same roof is not an issue. Sian knows the proposed foster parents and family well and gets on well with them. They are keen to take her and she is keen to remain with them.”

Susan smiled inwardly at this outwardly her features gave nothing away.

”Any other contributions?” said the Chair.

”Urm.... no.” Alan Conolly's CV was flashing before his eyes again.

”Then Sian Powers is fostered to the MacCready's under a similar agreement to that pertaining to Sophie Webster.”

”I would like to vary the agreement pertaining to Sophie Webster to allow her and Sian Powers to share a room. Tom is in agreement with this. The relationship is settled and has been active for a year now. I can see no objection to this variation.” Susan was determined to ram home her advantage.

”Observations?” asked the Chair.

There were none.

”OK, that's agreed.” the Chair was dubious but what had happened to Jane earlier had made everyone hold their tongues.

When she got out of the meeting Susan phoned Emma.

”Emma MacCready.”

”Hi Emma Sian is now fostered to you permanently, and we have the variation of the fostering agreement.”

”Wonderful. What a relief, they will be happy.”

”I am going to the school to see them both and let them know.”

”I'll let you get on with that pleasurable task. Why don't you and Jen come to dinner on Saturday, maybe stay the night?”

”I'll have to ask her, but I'm sure she'll say yes.”

Susan hung up and virtually ran to her car. She was happy with her work today.

Susan arrived at the school 30 minutes later. She went straight to the Head's office and asked to see both girls.

Both girls came into the Heads office to be met by Susan.

”Hi Susan!” they both said.

”I have some news for. You are both permanently fostered to Emma and Tanya. They are to be given sole discretion over your sleeping arrangements.” said Susan

Both girls hugged and then hugged Susan. There were profuse 'thankyous'. Then both girls went back to their lessons with broad smiles on their faces.

After school they got the taxi as usual to home. They couldn't stop smiling. When Lloyd dropped them they both now felt totally at home. Sian waited for Emma and Tanya to return home before moving her things into what were now their rooms, not just Sophie's.

TBC - this chapter was going to include the discussion on belief in God but that is proving to be difficult to write as I am finding it difficult to get into the mind set of a believer!!

After the Tram crash chapter 15

After the Tram crash chapter 15.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Sorry about the chapter numbering mix-up – I ended up with two chapter 13's! Given that I am a mathematician you'd think numbers would be the one thing I'd get right!!

Rating U.

Sian gets New Parents and the Residents are Back on Coronation Street

Susan did her checks and all was OK. So she did the paperwork and phoned Emma.

”Hi Emma it's Susan.”

”Oh hi Susan – I've had our lawyers check and they can't see a problem.”

”Neither can ours so I've done the paperwork. I'm hitting the send button now just wanted to confirm it was OK with you.”

”Great, thanks for that, and thanks for coming yesterday – we're going to do another one in three months time.”

”I'll tell Jen, we both loved it by the way.”

” Yeah it went well once we'd got rid of what Sian called the 'undesirable elements'!”

”She called her own parents that? Mind you she's right! Reminds me I've got to arrange a Police escort for her to her dad's and her mum's. She'll probably find this difficult.”

”Might be an idea to let Sophie go with her if that's allowed.”

”Good idea if they want to do that, I'll ask for the LBGTLO to be there too as well as at least one out lesbian officer.”

”Thanks Susan. Bye now.”


At Weatherfield High Alan Conolly received a phone call from Susan.

”Hello Mr Connolly it's Susan MacGregor here from Children's Services.”

”Ah yes Ms MacGregor, what can I do for you?”

”It's about one of your pupils, Sian Powers, she's being emergency fostered.”

”Why what's the problem?”

”Turns out her father is a drug dealer. He's in custody but may be released on bail after a court appearance later today. He's been charged with attempted rape, and various drugs offences. Her mother can't take her as she's in custody too and will be charged as an accessory to the rape attempt and the drugs.”

”OK, what happens now, oh and can I have the address of the foster family?”

”It's the address you have for Sophie Webster. The Police will escort her to her father's home later today to pick up her things, I want Sophie to go with her. Perhaps you could arrange for them to be available for me to pick up at 3:30?”

Alan thought about objecting, then his CV flashed before his eyes and he thought better of it.

”Will do.”

After the call had finished he thought that he'd have had all sorts of trouble if these two had been fostered to the Professors when he tried to exclude them. Sally Webster had been difficult enough but these two would have had his job for it.

At lunch he sought out Sian and Sophie to tell them to come to his office at the end of school and he told them why.

At the end of school Susan met Sophie and Sian in the heads office.

”I'm going to drive you two to your Dad's house Sian, We'll pick up your stuff. There will be a Police presence. You're being fostered to Emma and Tanya for seven days. There will be a case conference on Thursday at which future arrangements will be decided. Do you understand what I have said?” Susan spoke in a level voice which belied her emotions at having beaten Jane on this.

”Yeah, can we get going.” Sian spoke with enthusiasm.

Sophie was smiling. The three of them got up to leave. Sophie and Sian held hands fingers interlocked.

By the time they left to get into Susan's car most of the school's pupils had dissipated. Tamsyn was hanging round to try to score some drugs in exchange for sex. She saw Sophie and Sian being lead to Susan's car and randomly assumed that Susan was a cop. She'd store it in her memory bank for later use. Right now she was more concerned that Susan's presence was limiting her chances.

Susan drove to Vinnie's house. Parked. The Police were already there – they had been giving the place the once over and had found loads of evidence.

Inside Sophie and Sian held hands again. Right in front of a handcuffed Vinnie who was angry, very angry.

”Oh its the Webster fr...” was all he managed to yell as he was marched into another room.

”Sorry about that, we should have had him in that room to begin with.” said the PS.

”Where's the LGBTLO? I want a word about what just happened.” Susan said flatly.

”I'm here.” said DC Connor.

”I will be making a formal complaint about what just happened.” said Susan.

”s..sWhat?? I'll be suspended until the enquiry is complete.” said the PS.

”Should have thought of that before you failed in your duty by having Vincent Powers in the house.” Susan said.

”Hang on a minute. We had to have him here to conduct the search.” DC Connor spoke up.

”But he should have been removed while Sian was in the house. He wasn't.” Susan was determined not to let the Police, in particular the PS whom she suspected of homophobia, off the hook. She added “Shall we do what we came for?”

They went up to Sian's room. Sian and Sophie packed her things and they left.

Susan drove them to what both girls were increasingly thinking of as home.

”Do you fancy a gym session when we get home, babe? Work of some of that stuff with your Dad.” Sophie asked Sian.

”Definitely!” replied Sian who seemed to be brighter the farther away she got from her Dad's house.

Once they had got home they unpacked Sian's stuff in the guest room.

Susan returned to work to prepare for the case conference later in the week. She knew she'd face objections from Jane among others but she was determined.

Sophie and Sian had a workout in the Gym for an hour before tea and homework. They then joined Emma and Tanya for another Gym session.

Tanya and Emma went up onto the stage and started their pole routines.

”Can''t wait till I can try that.” said Sian to Sophie.

”Me neither.” said Sophie.

”Well let's see.” Emma had interrupted her routine and came down off the stage. She continued “What are you leg pressing at the moment?”

”30 kilos ten reps.” said Sophie.

”25 k's ten reps.” said Sian.

“Well when you can do 40 we'll talk about it, You need really strong thighs to grip the pole.” said Emma.

”OK!” said both girls.

The residents were back in the Rover's on Monday evening.

Sean was talking to Julie.

”Well I must say young Sophie has landed on her feet.”

”You hardly had your mouth closed during the entire time.” said Julie

”True. What a lovely place it is. Beautiful.”

At the bar Steve, Becky and Liz were talking.

”Just got a phone call from that Emma to thank us for supplying the booze at short notice. Wants to know if we'd like to supply staff as well for a party in a months time, for the CERN lot apparently. Sounds like its a really high powered do.” said Steve.

”Yeah we could do that. Send Kylie and Sean.” said Becky.

”They're brighter than you, they have specifically banned Kylie!”. Steve replied.

Liz smirked. “And I bet they want more than two staff!”

”True, they want ten, circulating with trays of drinks and three staff behind a bar. They'll pay top whack though.” said Steve.

”Thirteen people!! Where are we going to get them from?” Liz was astounded.

”Well I thought you, me and Anna behind the bar. Michelle, Sean, Becky, Lloyd, Tina, Fiz, Rosie, Jane, Ciaran, and Hayley circulating with trays. With Betty and Graeme here.” suggested Steve.

”Hayley has never done anything like this neither has Fiz.” Liz was panicking. “And have you asked them yet?

“Not specifically no.” Steve was looking shifty.

”Well I think you had better, don't you?” Liz looked as though she'd kill Steve.

Steve left with an “I'll do it now.”

Steve was still trying to find Hayley, he'd found everyone else and they'd all agreed. He went into Roy's Rolls, Roy and Hayley were in the back room talking.

”Hayley how'd you like to earn a hundred quid for 4 hours work?” asked Steve.

”Doing what?”

”Emma and Tanya are throwing a party in two weeks for Tanya's colleagues at CERN. They want us to provide the booze and the staff to serve it. We haven't got enough staff to do the job so I am seeing if other people can help.” said Steve.

”Are Sophie and Sian going to be there?”


”Then I'll do it.”

This shouldn't have surprised Steve. As he'd asked the people on his list he found that most people were more interested in whether Sophie and Sian were going to be there than the money.

There were two exceptions to this, they were Rosie and Jane! They needed money desperately, whilst seeing Sophie and Sian would be good, they saw them often and money when you're skint is important.

Back in the Rovers Nick and Gail were talking about the party.

”That place is huge. Trust a Webster to land on her feet.” Gail never looked at the misfortunes of others, only jealously at their fortunes.

”I am sure that Sophie would rather have Kevin and Sally alive though.”

Rita was talking to Audrey.

”Wasn't yesterday fun, beautiful place!” said Rita.

”Well, Rita, you know what they say, breeding shows!”

”That wasn't what you were saying in the Salon last week when you did my hair, you were wandering why Social Services had allowed Sophie to mix with 'corrupting influences'!”

”Yes, well I wasn't, I didn't know them then ... “ Audrey got flustered.

Later in the evening Sian was going to bed. It had been collectively decided that until the fostering was permanent she'd sleep in her official bedroom.

Sophie went up with her to say good night properly.

They kissed outside the door to Sian's bedroom. Sian opened the door and Sophie watched her girlfriend as she shut the door, both felt sad that they weren't spending the night in the same bed, but both understood the reasons and agreed with them.

To be continued

After the Tram crash chapter 13.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Rating 15

The Party apres Vinnie

Leanne saw Cheryl and walked over to say hello.

”Hi Cheryl, how's you?”

”Hello, I''m great, might be going to Uni.”

”What you? What are you going to study, male sexual appetite?” chuckled Leanne

”Nah, you can have that ethnographic study for yourself. I might follow Sophie into chemistry.”

”Enth what o sudy? What is that?”

“Ethnograpy is the study of culture by writing. It's Emma's speciality, you should talk to her.”

”Emma? Who's Emma.”

”One of Sophie's foster mums.”

”How come you know so much about it?”

”I met Emma when she was doing a study of Lap Dancing, quite a good Pole Dancer by the way. Re-met her last weekend. Went to a lecture Monday morning, now lab assistant to Sophie. She has her own chemistry lab here. Always liked chemistry, got an A* at GCSE.” Cheryl had become quite whimsical whilst speaking.

”Did you never think of doing A levels?”

”I wanted to but my dad didn't. So I ran away and ended up with Russ and had to support him and that is how we met.”

”So – lab assistant? What about after Sophie finishes University?”

”I'll have been through Uni myself by then so maybe I'll have a better job, always fancied an accountancy job.”

”Accountancy, that's what Peter does.”

Cheryl shook her head is disbelief and walked away.

Sophie was talking to Rita.

”I know mum was never comfortable with me and Sian being together but I don't understand why. She must have seen how happy Sian was making me.” Sophie had been confused by her mother's reaction.

”I am sorry love. Sally was never one for the unconventional, marriage and kids, that was Sally. She only worked because they needed the money. She would have preferred to stay home. So when your news came she was thinking 'No man to support her, no family, what kind of life is that?' Her view was really quite narrow and old fashioned. She'd have come round eventually but died before she had time to.”

Sophie could feel tears forming and tried to blink them away. A couple of the tears escaped. Rita noticed as did Sian who had joined them.

Sian put an arm round Sophie's shoulder. Rita saw the love in Sian's eyes as she looked at her crying girlfriend. Love she thought Sally couldn't have missed but obviously had or discounted it.

It was Sian who spoke now. “I'd like to take those tears away love. You're thinking about how your mum never got the time to accept us aren't you?”

”I am sure she would have in time love.” Rita was doing her best to console Sophie.

”I feel selfish doing this in front of you Sian, I mean your parents are never going to accept you are they?” said Sophie, emotion in every word.

”Sophieee I was never close to my dad, he's a brute and I hate what he made Emma do and what he did to her! I wish I'd been there to crack his skull with that car jack! And you know mum abandoned us. So I really don't care.” Sian had got quite heated saying this, making Sophie and Rita think she did care.

Rita was also struggling to process the news about Emma's past, she knew about the attempted rape, she didn't know it was Vinnie and she didn't know about Emma's past, beyond her being kicked our of Cheltenham Ladies College. She decided she didn't want to know more and decided to change the subject.

”So what do Tanya and Emma do now, they are obviously highly paid.” she said

”They're professors at Manchester University. No they're not highly paid for they're main jobs but get money from consultancy and Emma has a trust fund that her family couldn't take away. “ Sian was grateful to Rita for changing the subject.

”Oh, Professors you say, well I can see they are both bright, what subjects?” Rita was impressed.

”Tanya is in Professor of Physics and teaches some Applied Maths courses as well. Emma is Professor of Social Anthropology, it is through that work that she knows Cheryl.” Sophie joined in the changed subject.

”She knows Cheryl? The stripper?” Rita was shocked.

”Not stripper any more, she's my lab assistant now.” Sophie was ready to defend Cheryl and Emma if necessary. Rita saw she was going to make Sophie cross if she continued.

”So you've got your own rooms here and your own lab!” Rita got away from the dangerous shore again.

Near the bouncy castle in the crèche, which Sue Barlow is supervising with help from agency staff, Sonia is talking to Asha.

”Hello my name is Sonia. I live here”

”My name is Asha, everyone calls me 'Ash', I live in Wetherfield.”

”Oh yes, that's where my new big sister comes from.”


”Sophie – really nice girl but she comes as a package with Sian.”

”Your mum and dad own all this, they must have a lot of money.”

”Just two mums, no dad, but yeah they do seem to have a lot of money.”

”Two mums? “


Asha resolved to ask her mum about this later and said “let's have another go on the casle!” Sonia nodded and they went off hand in hand.

Sunita was watching this and turned to Dev.

”Aww Dev ain't that nice, I think Asha had made a new friend.”

”Just so long as it doesn't go the way of Sophie's friendship with Sian.”

Sunita laughed, “Oh grow up Dev, if she ends up as happy as Sophie or Sian that'll be great!!”

Emily was talking to Norris.

”This place is enormous – how did they get the money for it, some crime connections?” Norris always thought the worst.

”Well I gather Emma has some family money, and they both do consultancy, I gather they're taking Sophie and Sian to Switzerland to see some big experiment. Sophie tried to explain it but I really don't understand it. Something to do with smashing sub-atomic particles together she said, what are sub-atomic particles, do you know Norris?” Emily was sad that Sophie had grown so far away from her, she felt that Sophie would give up on religion eventually. The thought made her sadder than she'd ever been, even her feelings over Maxine's death weren't as bad as this. She should have supported Sophie in her relationship, she could see how much Sophie loved Sian, but her attachment to the church was strong.

“Well I don't know, is it that CERN place? I've heard they're trying to blow up the Earth there.” Norris never let his lack of knowledge get in the way of his opinions.

Unfortunately for him Tanya passing.

”Mind if I join you?” she asked putting her drink down on the table as she did so.

”Let's see now Emily right? And Norris? Tanya MacCready.” she offered her hand to both of them, both shook it but the look on Norris's face said he'd rather not have.

She continued: “I was just passing and I heard you mention CERN. I work there. Can I answer any questions?”

”Well it's going to blow the Earth up isn't it?” Norris couldn't get the idea out of his head.

Tanya took out her iphone. She opened PocketCAS. “Do you know what a CAS1 is Norris?”


”It's like a calculator only it does rather more. I have one on here. I have the calculation of the energies required to blow up the Earth, let's see in order to do that you''d need every particle to achieve escape velocity.. ” Tanya started but was interrupted by Norris.

”This is all very well, but I haven't understood a word of it.” said Norris

”But then how do you know CERN is going to blow up the Earth?” Tanya smiled sweetly.

Emily laughed. ”I think she's got you there Norris.”

Norris looked disgruntled.

Tanya got up to leave but Emily called her back. “Could I have a word dear, I am very fond of Sophie. I know she loves Sian. But I can't get used to it. I have been to church all my life, Sophie and Sian go, they met through the church you know. I am worried that they may reject their religion because of the way it has rejected them.”

”If they reject their religion could it not be for other reasons, like that science has a better understanding of the world? More reasons to live. More accurate explanations.” Tanya had got quite wound up.

”Well I can't see science offering us salvation.” Emily was troubled now.

”Who says we need it? Salvation is saving right? Saving from what? Our evolution as socially complex animals stops us doing most of the things we need to be stopped from doing. Except possibly increasing our CO2 emissions to the point where we burn up. But religion has nothing to say about CO2, science has. Oh and wars, but most of the wars in the past have had a religious element to them. Even Hitler's soldiers had the German equivalent of 'God with us' on their belts.” she said.

”You mean you believe that Global Warming nonsense?” Norris chipped in.

”I'm not sure that is going to happen either.” Emily said.

”Tell you what there is a public lecture I am giving next week with some others to explain the basics of Global Warming and CO2 why don't you two come? I'll even lay on the taxi. Sophie and Sian are coming.” offered Tanya.

”In that case I'll come.” said Emily.

”I suppose I'd better talk to Rita about my shift at the Kabin, and keep Emily company.” grumbled Norris.

”But to get back to salvation. To my mind religion has always obscured things. Glossed over mysteries, and placed one mythology over all others.” said Tanya.

”But the Bible isn't mythology it is the Word of God.” said Emily.

Tanya spotted someone nearby. “Mike do come and join us!”

”This is Professor Mike Bernstein from the Department of Religions and Theology.” Tanya introduced him and was surprised when he said:

”Hello Emily!!”

”Oh yes Mike, you come to our Church! Had no idea you were a professor though! I am going to hear Tanya next week, first time I've been to a lecture.” said Emily.

”You are in for a treat I always drop things to have the opportunity to hear her! Now Tanya you only call on my services when you're afraid you're going to lose that Moss Side rag of yours. It is usually religion versus science am I right?” Mike's voice had a chuckle in it.

”You mean you agree with her? Why do you go to church then?” Norris chipped in.

”Up to a point I agree as do the vast majority of theologians. I agree that the Old Testament is largely mythology. And that is usually the point she calls on my support for, I still believe in God because I think that this is the mythology that He wants us to know. Tanya will now shoot that down in flames I am afraid, she always does, it is quite humiliating because at no point can I break her logic. But then logic is her speciality.” Mike got up to leave.

”Oh, goodbye Mike. See you in Church on Sunday, if I am still a believer by then.” said Emily, she continued “Thank you for that Tanya you've given me some things to think about.”

With that Tanya left. She sought out Sophie, Sian was nearby as was Emma.

”Hi all, how's things?” Tanya asked.

”This is lovely, now we've got rid of the undesirable elements!” Sian surprised Emma and Tanya with this statement.

”Yes it is lovely, why don't we have another in 3 months? It should be warm enough to have it outside by then too. We can expand the guest list and have a mini-pride. Incidentally you two been to Manchester Pride?” asked Emma.

”I have but Sian hasn't” Sophie replied.

To be continued

1CAS, Computer Algebra System, examples are Mathematica, Maple, and MathCAD – these are computer systems that do the heavy lifting freeing mathematicians to do the creative stuff they are good at.

After the Tram crash chapter 13

After the Tram crash chapter 13.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Rating 14.

The Party

The coaches left Coronation Street at 2pm. Everyone was on board, including Vinnie and Janet, they were on separate coaches though.

As the coaches went through Denton, Janice said “Ehhrr Where are we going. There's nothing beyond 'ere.”

The coaches turned into the drive towards the gates. There were several sharp intakes of breath.

Vinnie was looking defeated. No-one on his coach knew why.

The lead coach stopped just outside the gates and the driver got out. By the time he returned the gates were already opening and Sophie and Sian, holding hands, were already standing in the drive to greet people.

Susan and Jen, and Emma and Tanya were walking out of the kitchen door to join Sophie and Sian.

The Emma saw Vinnie and froze.

”What the fuck is he doing here?” she exclaimed.

”That's Sian's dad. Why? Do you know him?” asked Susan.

Emma looked as if she was going to throw up. Tanya squeezed her hand.

”You know that story about the man who tried to rape Emma. He is the man.” Tanya whispered to Susan.

Susan's hand went up to her mouth. An “oh my” escaped her lips.

Susan quickly regained her composure however. “I think I now have grounds but I am going to need statements, sorry.”

Emma had also regained her composure. “Might be a small problem, I'll let you know in a few days.”

”If that is about you past as a 15 year old prostitute and drug dealer, don't worry I know about that, as does the rest of the department. It doesn't make a difference now.” said Susan flatly.

Emma looked at Susan in shock.

Once she had regained her composure she confirmed that she would give a statement.

”And I take it that Janet is her mother.” said Emma seeing a familiar face come through the gate.

”Yes we know a little about her but not enough.” said Susan.

”Well I can give you quite a bit but it is nearly 20 years old.” said Emma.

”That'll be enough to start us off.” Susan replied and continued “We can foster her to you.

”What we don't to do is anything that stops them getting a Civil Partnership. I know they are already keen.” Emma pointed out.

”We'll have to talk to them.” said Susan.

They all made their way to the drive.

”Hello Vinnie, remember me?” Emma whispered in Vinnie's ear.

”WHAAAT” Vinnie was in shock.

”We'll talk later.” said Emma.

Sian looked on and wandered what was going on, but wasn't going to ask in front of everyone, she'd wait until she had Emma alone. Then the realisation came with force. The scar on her dad's head, of course!

They then showed all the remaining people round to the back of the house and along a path to the back field where the large 13th century barn was.

”I see what you mean, it is enormous.” Jane to Rosie.

”This is nice!” Rita to Norris who was going to dine out on this for a decade.

”Glad you came now?” Sunita asked a stunned Dev.

”This is really something init.” Becky to Steve,

Liz just had her mouth open, it had been for 10 minutes.

Vinnie was speaking to Janet.

”We've got a problem.”

”Yeah, I think we give in on Sian, she'll go next year anyway. We try to keep the others.”

”WE?!? The others are yours and Dean's not mine. But I do want to avoid jail so... Also if they can afford this place they can afford more muscle than we can.”

”Yeah, I've heard they've got the cops in their pockets two. Two people, nice people, are on murder charges in London that these two are said to have had drummed up.”

Not true of course – the murder charges were genuine – but decidedly useful.

With that they parted.

What Vinnie and Janet didn't know was that DC Connor had overheard every word. The Police would now be crawling all over Vinnie and Janet. The assumption the Police make is that anyone who uses violence in one part of their life uses it in another.

Round the back the DJ started his work in the barn and some couples got onto the dance floor.

Rita was talking to Sunita outside over a drink at one of the tales.

”I am so glad Sophie has landed on her feet here.”: Sunita.

”Yes, you know Sally was uncomfortable with the relationship. Emma and Tanya won't be!!”

”Why was Sally uncomfortable with it? They seem to be made for each other.”

”Do you think so? Sally thought Sophie was making a hasty decision on the basis of a teenage fancy that was going to fizzle out.”

”Do you really think that sexuality something you decide??”

Elsewhere Chesney and Katy stood taking the whole thing in.

”Chesney, isn't this place amazing?”

”Oh yeah, but Sophie deserves something after everything she's been through. The false accusations. The strain of trying to keep her relationship secret. Facing down their own parents, and the name callers, then Sophie's parents' deaths, you know Sally never accepted their relationship really? Must be hard.” tears had come into Chesney's eyes while he was speaking.

”Yeah you're right.”

Emma sought out Sophie and Sian. “Could you please come with me to the Gym, we need to talk before Sian's father or mother talk to you.” said Emma.

They followed her to the Gym. When they were inside Emma locked the door. “I really don't want to be interrupted.” said Emma. Tanya was already there.

”You're beginning to scare me!!” Sophie said.

Sophie and Sian grasped hands.

”Sian I have some bad news for you about your father.” said Emma.

”He was the one who tried to rape you wasn't he?” queried Sian sadly.

”Yes but how did you guess?” Emma was surprised.

”He has a large scar above his hairline that fits the damage your did. He is a violent man. I think he has connections with nasty people. But the clincher is the way he always refers to anyone who doesn't do exactly what he wants as selfish.” Sian had got quite wound up whilst speaking.

“There is more I am afraid and it is not something I am proud of. When I was fifteen I dealt drugs for your father and did everything short of penetrative sex for men he sent to me.” Emma's voice got quieter as she spoke, as though the weight of what she was saying was exhausting her.

Emma continued “Then I met Tanya. She got me out of Vinnie's clutches. Made sure I did my school work and kept me alive.” While Emma was speaking Tanya had taken hold of her hand. Sophie and Sian had also linked hands for comfort.

It took a little time for what Emma had said to sink in fully.

”I never want to see him again.” screamed Sian. “Never!! Can I stay here permanently?”

”There is one thing we have to check. You'll want to marry Sophie if you stay together which I expect you will. We need to check that if we foster you we don't jeopardise that..” said Tanya.

”I don't see a problem but we do need to check.” Neither Sophie nor Sian had noticed Susan's presence until he spoke.

”But could I just stay here until then? Really I couldn't bear going home to him now.” Sian was in tears.

”Yes you can stay here tonight and I shall check first thing and rush the paperwork through tomorrow. If all goes well you'll be emergency fostered here by tomorrow night. The Police will escort you to collect your things from both your parents' homes.” Susan informed Sian.

”Let's go back to the party now.” said Tanya smoothly adding “Vinnie and Janet have been removed.”

Outside two people had been marched ever so discreetly off the premises and into a single car with a driver. Vinnie and Janet didn't know it yet but they were headed for separate central Manchester Police stations. The car was owned by the security guards Emma and Tanya had hired for the occasion. They came highly recommended.

DC Connor radioed in and left separately. He would welcome Janet to her destination with a caution.

D.Supt. Marsh would welcome Vinnie when he reached his destination.

To be continued

After the Tram crash chapter 12

After the Tram crash chapter 12.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Rating 14.

Sonia and Julie visit Coronation Street

It was Saturday. Julie woke and dressed. She was excited, looking forward to seeing where her new sister had come from, but she also felt slightly queasy. She put it down to nerves.

Sonia woke ten minutes later. Excited but nervous was how she felt. She had no knowledge of life outside her home and school. It was a local primary. It was populated with country kids. They were in awe of her because they knew where her parents had come from, like most country kids they were a little frightened of the City, they knew Sonia's parents came from a nasty part of the city. They also knew, now, that she had a new sister from, what seemed to them to be, an equally nasty part of the city. Yeah Sonia had respect at school.

They both went downstairs to find their mums. Tanya and Emma were just stirring in bed.

Julie went to the loo and came out looking worried.

Sophie and Sian were in the kitchen making themselves breakfast. Julie and Sonia came down to join them.

”You two want breakfast?” asked Sian.

”Please.” came the joint reply.

”What do you want?” said Sophie.

Tanya and Emma arrived downstairs having quickly showered and dressed.

”Readybrek please.” said Sonia.

”Cornflakes please.” said Julie.

”Morning you two. We were just getting Sonia and Julie breaky.” said Sian.

Sophie put some milk in a pan for the Readybrek. She put the pan on the hotplate.

Sian put cornflakes in a bowl and took them and the milk over to Julie.

Tanya leant against the door jamb. Emma stood near the doorway and smiled. They were both observing Sophie and Sian running round getting breakfast for Sonia and Julie.

”OK Julie and Sonia marks out of ten for Sophie and Sian's parenting skills.” said Tanya once both of them were sat down with their breakfasts.

”Twelve!!” said Soia.

”Ten.” said Julie flatly.

”Julie? You OK?” said Emma.

”Feeling a bit ill and pee'd some blood or I think I did.” said Julie.

”Julie, could the blood have come from somewhere else?” Sophie asked before thinking proper1y.

Tanya felt very grateful for Sophie's direct approach.

”Yeah I'm not sure where it came from really.” said Julie

”OK, we probably know what it is. We talked about this last year, remember Julie?” soothed Emma, “Oh and I am giving Sophie 15 out of 10 for her handling of that.”

”OH” said Julie “and yeah definitely a 15!”

”It's OK Julie, come with me.” Tanya lead Julie from the room.

”What's going on?” Sonia was curious.

”Well” said Emma “we talked about how girls bodies change as the go through their early teens remember?”

Sonia nodded.

”And we talked about monthly cycles?”

Sonia nodded again.

”Well I think Julie is just starting hers.” said Emma “She may be a bit moody for a few days – just try be understanding.”

Tanya returned with Julie who seemed a bit brighter now she knew there was nothing wrong. Just natural rhythms and growing up.

After they had finished their breakfasts and put the dishes into the dishwasher Sophie phoned Rosie.

“Hi its me.” said Sophie.

”Oh hi Sophie.” and then fainter “it's my sister”

”Oh not alone then, whose the unlucky guy?”

”Her name is Jane met her at Janice's in the gay village.

”OH! Welcome!! You staying or just visiting?”

Rosie laughed and said “Don't know yet.”

”Right, is it all right if I bring the family over in half an hour or so?”

”Yeah, I should think so. Look forward to seeing them again.”

”OK see you bye.”

”See you.”

Everyone got into the Disco. Sophie and Sian volunteered to sit on the two fold down seats in the back so Julie could be comfortable.

In Weatherfield Rosie was explaining Sophie to Jane.

”My sister Sophie's coming over with her girlfriend Sian and Sophie's foster family.”

”Is that girlfriend as in..”

”Yes, they're a couple. They've been together for nearly a year now.”

”Bloody hell, must be nice for her having had you go through it first.

”Probably would have been if I had But I didn't – you're my first.”

”Bloody Nora! Did you get sex tips from her then?”

”No, it just seemed to come naturally, and being with someone experienced helped.”

Jane blushed. “Not that experienced – only 'solo practice'.”

Both girls laughed.

They finished breakfast in silence.

Meanwhile Emma was driving the Disco through Weatherfield. And turned into Coronation Street.

”What's that?” Julie asked pointing at Underworld.

”That's where my mum worked.” said Sophie “They make clothing, she used to operate a sewing machine.”

They reached no 4 and parked. They all got out and Sophie walked up to the familiar front door. Knocking on it felt strange. In the past she'd just unlocked it and entered.

Rosie answered the door. She and Sophie hugged and were joined by Sian.

”Come in all of you.” said Rosie.

They all went in to the house and stood in the small front room.

”Would you two like to see where I slept when I lived here?” Sophie asked Julie and Sonia.

Julie just nodded. Sonia was completely passive.

They followed Sophie upstairs.

Sonia and Julie looked round the room in silence.

They went downstairs.

”Mum did you grow up in a house like this?” asked Julie.

”This house is palatial compared to the two-room flat my parents had.” said Tanya.

”Mum remind me never to take where we live for granted, please!” said Julie.

Jane turned to Rosie. “What are they on about?” she asked.

”The house where they live is quite big, they've just realised that not all houses are like that.” replied Rosie.

”Jane, do come tomorrow with Rosie.” said Tanya.

”I will. What's going on?” Jane said.

”Party for everyone around here and a few other people.” said Emma.

"Where are my manners? Brew everyone?" said Rosie. Everyone nodded.

Rosie went through to the kitchen and made tea.

After she returned with mugs for everyone, they all chatted for a time. Jane was fascinated to hear about Emma's background and both the women's jobs. She worked for a local supermarket on the till and lived with her parents not far away.

”Right let's get some lunch, does the Rovers have a family room?” asked Tanya. It was nearly half past one, where did the time go?

”No, afraid not and Roy's isn't licenced, nor is Prima Donner.” said Rosie

”Let's see if Roy and Hayley will let us bring booze in.” said Tanya.

”OK, I'll go and ask.” said Sian. But she was contradicted by the group who all left together.

The group walked down the road towards Roy's Rolls, the three couples holding hands. As they passed the Rovers they noticed Steve McDonald standing outside.

”Hi Steve, all set for tomorrow?” asked Emma.

”Yeah, I've heard about your place. We'll all be there. Where are you off to now?” replied Steve.

”Roy's to find out if they'll let us bring booze in to have with lunch.” said Sophie.

”We do food.” said Steve.

”Yeah but you don't have a family room where we could take the kids.” said Tanya

”Ah! Yeah good point.” said Steve.

Steve then noticed Rosie's hand interlocked with Jane. “Oh, is this lesbian thing contagious? If it is keep away from Becky!” He asked.

”Only if you want it to be.” said Rosie with a huge smile on her face.

”Roy's it is then.” said Sophie.

Tanya walked into Roy's Rolls slightly ahead of the rest, as it was a Saturday Roy and Hayley were both serving.

”Hello. Would there be a problem if we brought some booze in to have with our meal?” She asked.

”No one's ever asked that before.” said Roy, “There's a lack of precedents and policy.”

”Oh Roy, I'll make the policy, yes you can” said Hayley “and that'll make precedent.”

”Come with me, I'll show you where to get some booze.” said Sophie “You too Julie and Sonia, I want to show you where I used to work.”

”You used to work instead of school?” Julie was puzzled.

”Not instead of, as well as. It was my idea, I wanted to earn some money for myself.” replied Sophie.

Tanya and an awestruck Julie and Sonia left the caff. They headed for the Alahan's shop where Sunita was serving.

”Hello Sophie!!” Sunita ran round from the till and embraced Sophie warmly. “How are you? What have you been up to?” a shower questions poured from Sunita.

”I'm brilliant, very happy!” exclaimed Sophie “Let me introduce some people to you.”

Sophie introduced Tanya, Julie and Sonia to Sunita.

”You and Dev are coming tomorrow right and the kids?” asked Sophie.

”Oh yeah, wouldn't miss it for the world.” replied Sunita. In fact she and Dev had had a row about it, he wanted to keep the shop open. She'd won of course, she always did.

Tanya selected a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white.

After paying for the wine the group rejoined the rest at Roy's.

During the meal Julie asked a question.

”Do you think I could get a job like Sophie did.”

Tanya and Emma smiled at each other, Sophie was having just the influence they had hoped she would have.

”I was 15 at the time, though, and I had to make sure it didn't interfere with my school work.” said Sophie.

”You're not old enough yet, but when you are provided it doesn't interfere with your school work then yes. But we'll have to think about where, it should be somewhere near home like Sophie's was.” said Emma.

”Did you two have jobs at that age?” asked Sonia.

”You could say that.” said Emma who's work at 15 had been less than legal.

”I worked in a shop like Sophie did.” said Tanya quickly to divert attention from what Emma had just said.

Emma smiled at Tanya and remembered what a good influence she had been.

Sophie put the question of what Emma had done aside for later.

They finished their meals and went out on to the street. It was time to go, they had shopping for gym kit to do.

They all said goodbyes and 'see you tomorrow' with hugs all round.

Emma, Tanya, Sonia, Julie, Sophie and Sian got into the Disco and left for central Manchester.

After they had done the shopping they headed home.

Sophie and Sian put their gym kit in the changing room. They were too tired to try it out now and tomorrow was going to be a big day.

Tomorrow the party and some surprising connections from which Susan finds grounds.

After the Tram crash chapter 11

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

I've added footnotes to Emma's conversation with Cheryl because the terminology used in lap-dancing, like any profession, is specialised and not well known.

Rating 14.

Emma walked down to reception in Manchester University's main building to find Cheryl. It was 9:45. Cheryl was early.

”Hello Cheryl. Welcome to Manchester University.” Emma greeted Cheryl warmly.

”Look sorry I had a go on Saturday, Just that we're all very fond of Sophie, she's been through a lot and is still dignified and I just don't want her ending up like me.” said Cheryl.

”Cheryl, Sophie is a bright girl. She will end up somewhere like this.” said Emma.

”You think? I got all A's or A*'s in my GCSE's and look where I ended up!” replied Cheryl.

“Oh? Ever thought of taking up studying again?” asked Emma before adding “Come on let's go to the Cafeteria to get a brew.”

They got up and Emma led Cheryl to the Cafeteria.

Once they'd got cups of tea and a cake each and sat down the conversation resumed.

“How am I going to go back to studying? I can't afford it. Everything I earn goes on living – nothing left over.” said Cheryl.

“What subjects did you like at school?” enquired Emma

”I loved Shakespeare, his verse was great. We did Julius Caesar “friends Romans countrymen” and all that. I loved chemistry too the bangs and that.” said Cheryl.

”How much are the house fees at the club you work at on average? £50, £100 per night.1” asked Emma

”Depends on the night, as you know. But yeah that's the range.” said Cheryl.

”And how much do you earn from a private dance?2 £10?” asked Emma

”yeah” was Cheryl's reply

”So the first 5 to 10 private dances are Management's? And how much for sit-downs?3” said Emma flatly.

”£70 per half hour.” replied Cheryl beginning to understand where this was going.

”And for main stage?4” Emma was relentless in her questions.

”Your speciality as I remember, now I know what you were up to I understand why you never did private dances or sit-downs” spat out Cheryl.

“That is true I am afraid, but you don't make much from main stage do you?” Emma said gently

“Well its mainly a showcase for private dances and sit-downs.” said Cheryl.

“Maths is more Tanya's area than mine but that sounds like, what maybe £400 from a good week?” Emma said

”More like £300” said Cheryl

”How do you fancy a job as Sophie's lab assistant? I'll pay you £400 per week. I'd have to talk to her of course to make sure she was OK with it.” asked Emma

”What???!!??” Cheryl almost yelled.

”And while you're doing it you can study.” said Emma

”Look I am not a fucking charity case.” said Cheryl.

”The work will be exacting. We'll expect you to perform your duties exactly. Sophie will have to be satisfied with your work and you may have to help Tanya with her lab work too.” said Emma.

”OK I'll try it.” said Cheryl.

”It's time for the lecture. Come on.” said Emma.

They made their way to the lecture theatre Cheryl sat at the back.

”Ladies and Gentlemen settle down.” Emma was getting the attention of her students.

”The content of this lecture has changed somewhat. I want to challenge you to think about a question. The question is 'how far should ethnographers go to study social phenomena?' It is far from simple. There are many factors involved but they can be summed up as 'balance of harm' in other words what is the 'harm' done to a few people, including the ethnographers, worth and how do we quantify it? How much is the work involved worth? How much harm will the ethnographic study prevent? As you all know by now, or should do, I am a supporter of a pragmatic approach to issues. I am a firm supporter of harm reduction strategies. I am deeply critical of the last Government's strategy towards sex work. Their approach to homelessness stands in stark contrast to it....”.

Emma's lecture continued. There were questions afterwards.

After the lecture Emma and Cheryl met up again.

”I got the gist of that. Fascinating but it does depend on how you define harm. I'd like to come and work for Sophie if only to keep an eye on any harm you're doing to her.” said Cheryl.

Meanwhile at Weatherfield High it was lunch break.

“Oh look it's the muffin munchers.” said Tamsyn.

“Oh well I'd definitely prefer that to munching cock. Blahhres” said Sophie.

”What? You never had a cock in yer don't know what yer missing!!” yelled Tamsyn.

”She might not but I do and I am telling you this I much prefer muffin to cock. You really should try it but that ain't an offer. I don't fancy yer.” Sian was a lot more confident these days and Sophie marvelled at it.

”And that is good advice but I don't fancy yer either. Maybe the resident slapper will oblige? Oh I forgot: that's you!” said Sophie.

Tamsyn went red. Sophie and Sian kissed. It took a while.

They went back to class. It was Sophie's favourite class this afternoon. Double chemistry.

After school Sophie and Sian went to the cab office Steve gave Sophie a note for Tanya that included the bank details for future payments.

Lloyd drove them. As he turned into the drive his eyes seemed to grow larger, they nearly popped out of his head.

Sophie pressed the button on the remote and the gates started to open.

”Do those gates work by magic?” said Lloyd

”No! By remote control” Sophie waved the remote.

”Just give me warning of that in future” said Lloyd.

He dropped them off.

Later Emma called in at the Rovers on the way home.

”Hi Liz” she talked to Liz MacDonald.

”Oh, hello” Liz had a laugh in her voice “What can we do for you? Pint?”

”Orange juice, I'm driving! I'm organising a party for everyone from here next Sunday at our place in honour of two great women called Sophie and Sian. Coaches will bring anyone who wants to come and bring them home. Weatherfield will close for the evening. You can supply the booze or the booze and staff. The choice is yours. It largely depends on how much money you want to make.” Emma continued.

“And if I don't agree?” said Liz.

“You'll have an empty pub.” said Emma.

“Understood.” said Liz.

“So you want to supply staff?”asked Emma.

“They deserve a night of fun.” said Liz.

“OK we'll get our usual caterers to supply staff and food. Now we'll need...” Emma gave Liz the details of the booze order.

Meanwhile Rosie was getting ready for a night out.

At 9 o'clock, well after Emma had gone home, Rosie got into a taxi and went to the Gay Village. She walked into a club called Janice's. It was a women only night.

After about half an hour a woman walked up to Rosie and asked if she'd like a dance. Rosie nodded nervously.

Rosie had her hand held and was taken to the dance floor.

She danced with the woman to whom she felt attracted. It was a strange feeling for Rosie. She'd never danced with someone she actually fancied before. All her previous relationships had been with men she thought would support her so she could have the good life. A life with lots of money and only the responsibility to look nice. That was what she had wanted. She had been willing to compromise for it too. Sex once a night. That sort of thing.

In truth she was finally doing the things she should have done a long time ago, she should have done what Sophie did. Find out who she was.

The other woman's name was Jane. They went back to Rosie's after the club.

For Rosie sex had been something that happened to her, not something she participated in. That night she participated for the first time ever.

As the week went on people began to settle into their new routines. Sian stayed with Sophie every night as Tanya and Emma had hoped she would. Rosie got a new job, working at the Rovers. She wasn't out yet of course but she was happier than she'd been in ages especially as Jane stayed a few nights.

Kevin and Sally's wills had left the house to be shared between Rosie and Sophie. The garage likewise. So they now agreed between them that Sophie would own the garage and Rosie the house but Sophie's room would be kept ready for her just in case.

On the Thursday a meeting occurred between the Head of Weatherfield High, its head of science, the sixth form chemistry teacher, Tanya and Emma.

After enquiring about Sophie's progress, which was excellent, Tanya and Emma explained that they were equipping a chemistry lab for Sophie to do practical work in and asked for advice on what to equip it with.

Tanya then sent the order to the suppliers that night. The lab would be up by within a week. The order included some stuff that wasn't necessary for Sophie's school work but which Tanya thought Sophie might enjoy using anyway.

To be continued.

Another setting up chapter so a bit slow but stand by for some surprise connections at the party!! And Sonia and Julie are in for surprises when the visit Coronation Street!

1. Rachela Colosi Dirty Dancing? An ethnography of lap dancing pp 30-31 These are fees paid by the dancers to the club management for working at the club.

2. Ibid p34, Private dances are performed in booths with just the dancer and customer. The dance lasts the length of one song (3 minute). These are the bread and butter for most dancers.

3. Ibid p 35, Sit-downs are where a dancer keeps a client company for half an hour or an hour during which they get the customer to pay inflated prices for drinks.

4. Ibid pp 35-6 Main stage – clubs have stages from which performances are given to the entire audience except those viewing private dances. Dancers are 'tipped' by customers – basically having banknotes stuffed into their G-string.

After the Tram crash chapter 10

After the Tram crash chapter 10.

As usual all the characters belong to ITV.

Rating 14.

Sorry for the lack of updates recently. Serious writing now over (all 9973 words and a few hundred equations of it!) so updates should become more regular again now.

School day

The next morning Sophie and Sian awoke for school. They looked at each other and smiled. Took turns in the shower and got dressed. They were both in the sixth form, Sophie having taken her GCSEs a year early and ace-ing them. Although they hadn't needed to wear school uniforms since September they still had them but this morning for the first time they chose not to wear them.

When they made their way downstairs the found Emma and Tanya in the kitchen.

“Muesli, right girls?” said Emma, both girls nodded with mouthed please.

Would you like some orange juice as well as a brew?” Emma asked.

“Please” said Sian

“Yes please” confirmed Sophie.

They ate breakfast. About half through Rosie surfaced.

“Well you two got it on last night, I must say!” Rosie had never been noted for her tact.

Both girls could feel the blush rising. Tanya and Emma glared at Rosie.

“Sorry but we thought the floor was sound proof.” Sophie finally managed.

“Don't worry about it, we're glad you felt relaxed enough for it.” Emma was trying to put them at ease.

“We''ll try to be quieter in future.” Sian at last found her voice.

“Really you're not to worry. It was fine, I'm really glad you've relaxed so much here.” said Tanya.

Rosie looked embarrassed. “Sorry.” she managed.

"Oh where are those two!" said Tanya leaving in the direction of the stairs.

Tanya returned with Julie and Sonia. They sat down at the table and chatted before starting their breakfast.

They all finished their breakfast in silence.

After the washing up was loaded into the dishwasher the subject of who would take who to school was broached.

“I'll take Sophie and Sian. I'll drop Rosie too.” said Tanya.

“OK you take the Disco then.” said Emma.

“I'll make the appointment with the Head too. I've got your sched on my phone so will be able to see what is convenient to both of us” said Tanya.

“How easy is parking near Weatherfield High?” asked Tanya.

“It's OK” replied Sophie.

“Ready?” asked Tanya.

“Yeah, let's go.” said Sophie.

Rosie and Sian nodded.

Leaving Emma, Julie and Sonia to finish their breakfasts, they walked outside, got into the car and drove to Coronation Street where they dropped Rosie off.

They then continued to Weatherfield High.

When Tanya had parked the car she walked with Sophie and Sian through the school gate.

When they got to reception Tanya said goodbye to the girls and turned to the receptionist.

“My name is Tanya MacCready, I am foster parent to Sophie Webster, I'd like to make an appointment for myself and my wife Emma to see the Head.” said Tanya.

The receptionists eyebrows went up slightly but she soon recovered.

“May I see some form of ID?” the receptionist asked.

Tanya handed over he University ID.

“OK Professor I'll ring his secretary.” responded the receptionist.

The receptionist picked up the phone and dialled the number. She spoke into the phone for a bit.

“If you go down that corridor and take the first right the Head's office is on the right.” said the receptionist.

“Thank you” said Tanya and she went to the office as directed.

The secretary looked up as Tanya walked in.

“What can I do for you?” she asked.

“I'm Tanya MacCready, my wife Emma and I are fostering one of your pupils, Sophie Webster, and we'd like to make a appointment with the Head to discuss her progress, we'd like the head of science and the Chemistry teacher to be there too.” said Tanya.

“Unusual request. Let me get the diary up.” said the secretary. As she was doing so a man came out from the adjoining office.

“Oh and can I see some ID please?” said the secretary, Tanya handed over her University ID.

“This is Prof. MacCready, she and her wife are fostering Sophie Webster.” the secretary told the man.

“Oh yes, nice to meet you. Tragic case, both parents killed in that awful Tram crash.” said the man, he had been at the case conference, “Allan Connelly, head teacher.”

“Nice to meet you Mr Connelly.” said Tanya.

“What are you professor of?” he asked

“Theoretical Physics, urm while I have got you, would it be possible to take Sophie and possibly her friend Sian Powers out of school a week early at the end of the Summer term? I want to take them to Switzerland with me to see the CERN Super Hadron Colllider, I'll be working there.” asked Tanya.

“I'll have to consider it and we'll need Sian's parents to make the request for her but I think it might be possible. CERN, very high powered.” said Allan, turning to his secretary “just off on my morning rounds, Linda.” and he left.

“What kind of time were you thinking of Professor and how long.” asked Linda.

“Later this week, we are both free Thursday afternoon. I should think three quarters of an hour should cover it.” said Tanya.


“That's fine, we'll see you then” Tanya entered the appointment into her phone and texted it to Emma.

Meanwhile in Coronation Street, Rosie was talking to Sunita.

“What are Sophie's foster parents like? I gather they and the girls put on quite a show in the Rovers.”

“Yes they did! I was there! They seem very nice though. Huge house, I'm talking premier league here.” said Rosie.

Sunita smiled, it always amused her how Rosie thought of houses in terms of footballers who might own them.

“They are both Professors though.” Rosie continued.

“Oh, what of?”

“Tanya is professor of Theoretical Physics and Emma is Social Anthropology, whatever that is.”

“Was it the Anthropologist or the Physicist who drank Ciaran under the table?”

“The Anthropologist.”

“Oh!” What did she tell Audrey? She's walking round in a though she's still in shock!!"

"The reason why Emma was expelled from her posh school"

"Which was?"

"Having sex with a bishop's daughter at 13."

"You mean the three fingers were ... you know!" Sunita smiled at the thought of Audrey's reaction.

"Yes, I do know. Comes from having lived with an out lesbian for 4 months." Rosie emphasised the 'out' remembering that Sunita had worked out that Sophie and Sian were together months earlier.

Another customer entered the shop.

“That's £10.56 please Rosie.” Sunita signalled that they'd continue the conversation another time.

“There you are.” Rosie handed over the exact money and took her shopping.

“Thank you.”

“Thanks, bye”.


Rosie left the shop and went off the house she now had to herself. She walked in and it felt empty.

She rang Jason, they'd had an on-off relationship since he'd helped her find Sophie and Sian in Sheffield and Rosie had finally reached a decision to commit, she hoped she wasn't too late.

“Hi Jason, what are you doing tonight?”

“Going out with Izzy.”

“Oh I see, that's OK I'll leave you to it then.”

Rosie made another decision. She'd try out the Gay Village tonight. After all if Sophie could be so happy with a girl why couldn't she?

Emma had been in her office for half an hour when the phone went. It was reception, they had a woman called Cheryl to see her.

She left her office and met Cheryl at reception.

To be continued.

Sorry that was a bit bland and short. Mind still on the development of geometry in the 19th century!!